The Takeout went and got its hair done, its suit pressed, its shoes buffed, and threw a huge coming-out party a few weeks ago in New York along with our friends at Cholula® Hot Sauce. It was fun; we wished you were there. Because we abhor any pretension, we decided serving small bites of caviar with truffled whatever didn’t feel like us. So we invited three chefs—Matt Fein of Federal Donuts in Philadelphia, Ivy Stark of El Toro Blanco in New York, and Tyson Ho of Arrogant Swine in Brooklyn—to come up with something fun and different. Their assignment: Come up with a dish that manipulates the senses, and of course, incorporate the different flavors of Cholula Hot Sauce in a delicious and unexpected way. We think they delivered with flying colors. Check out our event recap video to see what they conjured up (how about creamed spinach ice cream cone with Cholula Green Pepper marinated steak?). A special thanks to Cholula for partnering with us on this event, and more importantly, giving attendees tons of hot sauce to take home.

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